The project

In the last 20 years the importance of the linguistic constitution of the objects of study in the field of social sciences and thus the necessity of paying tribute to this in the research has become increasingly clear to the respective disciplines. Consequently, such branches of research as the history of mentality and discourse, research of political culture as well as sociological discourse analysis have been established. Here, the linguistic constitution or rather construction of social reality is the focal point of the research. Reflections on linguistic theory are pervasive. Therefore, this branch of the project intends to cooperate with the respective research approaches in politics, history and sociology. Thus the linguistic analysis can, for example, aid history in defining the usage of such central words as discourse, mentality and culture and thereby assist the meta-reflection of discussions on the theory of history. Furthermore, the recurrent problems that occur in the mediation that is to make technical research findings understandable to the public – for example the Goldhagen controversy and the discussions about Wehrmacht exhibitions – can be analysed, so as to find a better way of dealing with such oral and media presentations.
Secondly, the public transmission of practical political “knowledge” and political decision-making processes will be observed and investigated. The project thereby enters the classic linguistic and political area of research of political communication and aims to provide a platform for the exchange of specific research interests and methods of investigation of the respective disciplines.

In addition, the project wants to promote the everyday education of linguistically-coded politics (through lexical, argumentative, text and discourse analysis) about the linguistic constitution of publicly relevant, i.e. political objects. This is to take place in cooperation with such established foundations as  AG Sprache in der Politik e.V.,  Forschungsbereich Öffentliche Sprache/Öffentliche Kommunikation an der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf or the magazine  Aptum. Zeitschrift für Sprachkritik und Sprachkultur. Linguistic technical knowledge will, furthermore, be made available to professionals who might need it, e.g. politicians, journalists and teachers.